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7 barbershop tools to have at home

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Everyone is not a barber or have the skills to be but will time and learning you could get some knowledge on how to clean yourself up when in need and can not get the barbershop.

Here are at least 7 tools you will need at home and will depends on your goal and needs with your hair.

  1. Clippers, good cordless clippers work better, quality of the clippers matter when you don't know the craft well and cordless it less of a headache when you trying to get the cut or clean up you desire.

  2. Trimmers, cordless trimmer, a good quality pair do not be cheap, good quality makes the clippers last longer. Cordless is best so that's you don't have cords to worry about tripping over.

  3. A comb with a small end and a wide end to give you the ability to comb thick or thin hair. Comb is to prep the hair before you cut it

  4. A hair brush. If you have low hair a brush is use to prep your hair before a cut and to style after.

  5. Straight edge razor or Shaver or both. If you have skills using a straight edge razor this will get you a close shave. The shaver also gets a close shave but you must clean the hair with trimmers first

  6. Barber cleaning supplies for clippers and tools once done. Clippercide 5 in 1. A small cleaning brush to clean hair off the tools

  7. Hair astrigent and styling product and oil sheen for the finishing of your haircut.

Have a mirror on hand.

For help check out some of the videos on the site.

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