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"Finding the Right Balance: How to Choose Between Price and Experience"

Pricing! Clients have a price they feel they should pay or what they think the price should be.

Barbers give prices by the experience they have or the shop prices.

As a client if you value price more than a barber that can be on time, give great services overall, then never look for a barber that understands business and his or her experiences.

They will not be cheap and everyone cheap is different. Value your skin and hair, money comes and go.

Hair and skin care is apart of your health and health is wealth.
Prices changes, you can build a relationship with a barber and he or she will adjust the price how they fill fit.

Take advantage of discounts that are giving by the barber or shop so you don't ask them to adjust their prices.

A barbershop is a business and a place where barbers provide an income to support him/her family and life.

As a client take time to research a barber and barbershop to see if it will fit all or most of your needs as a client.

Always remember there are many barbers to choose from but it's not many consistent barbers and as most clients you need someone who respect your time and value you.

I hope this help you find or understand the pricing and experiences in the field of a barber

Lamont's Barbershop Grooming Lounge LLC.

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