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How often should a man visit the barbershop?

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Many don't want to hear it, but many men spend less on their hair services than they do on shoes and leisure. Your hair and skin are a important part of the body. If you don't take care of both well you have bigger problems later; hair loss, dry skin and scalp, wrinkles and more.

Most client should come in a shop at least two times a month. Some clients like to come in once a month or 1 every 3 months. Many clients put value in the money instead of the skin and hair care which is more valuable to your overall health.

You should Look Good, Feel Good so you will Do Good. A facial is needed once a mouth to help rejuvenate your skin and pores Women live longer because they are stress free for the most part by pampering themselves. Set up a appointment at least 1 every month that's a full service and give your hair and skin the care it needs stop neglecting the important part. See you soon book now!

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